Saturday, September 8, 2018

Must have accessories for new bike

Hi friends welcome to my blog. My name is yogesh and today we will talk about the best and the must have bike acessory either you have a normal bike or a super bike. So without wasting any time let’s start our list-

Must have accessories for new bike,tank pad
Must have accessories for new bike
1     1. Tank protector – In 2018 many bikes come with the tank pad but there are many more bikes which do not offer tank pad. When your bike is only few days old but you will be able to see very tiny scratches on the fuel tank and with time their size increases. If you want to have no scratches on your bike’s fuel tank then you should definitely apply a tank pad or you can simply do a mat finish or a glossy finish taping on the tank because it will cover all the upper part of the tank. But if you can spend a little more money then first apply taping on it and then apply tank pad on it because taping will be on the full upper part of the tank and your tank pad will not stick on the tank so that when ever you want to change the tank pad you can change easily and it will also not harm the paint of the fuel  tank.
2. Seat covers – Now the seat covers are also the must have accessory because in India parking your bike out side your home or any where else for only 2-3 hours can be vary harm full for your bike’s seat. I India there are different types of people Ok let me tell you my story. In 2017 when I was a school going boy. I parked my pulsar 180 out side the school in two wheeler parking and when I came out of the school I saw that my pulsar’s seat was having several cuts. Then I realised that why seat covers are so use full. Seat covers can protect your bike’s seat from such kind of persons and form rain, excess heat in summer.

Must have accessories for new bike,metal polish
Must have accessories for new bike
3.  Paint protector- If you want to see your bike in glossy look for several years. Then you should paint protection because in summer due to heat and sun light the paint of the bike starts fading that’s use of paint protections becomes necessary so that only the paint protection will fade instead of paint. Paint protection is nothing but polish. For glossy colored parts we should use wax polish by taking a sufficient amount of wax on a sponge and start rubbing on them for 1-2 minutes and give it rest for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes wipe it with a soft cloth or a towel.                                
Must have accessories for new bike,wax polish
Must have accessories for new bike
Polish spray for dull colored plastic parts. Spray on that part and rub it for 3-4 minutes and metal polish for chrome parts such as silencer and engine take a small amount of that polish on a cloth or on a tissue paper and rub that part till all the dust come out from it.

Must have accessories for new bike,best leg guard for royal enfield
Must have accessories for new bike

4. Leg gourd- I know most of the bikes come with stock leg gourd but their are many bikes which do not offer leg gourds such as royal enfield . I have seen many people who travel on them without attaching a leg gourd in their bike. I also have royal enfield standard and that's why I know royal enfield doesn't come with leg gourd. when my mike was 6 moths old it met to an accident the fuel tank was damaged very badly head light was broken and the handle was bend to other side. It was not a major accident but every one who had seen the bike said that it was a major accident so to protect your bike I am saying you to buy a good leg gourd for your bike.

 SO, friends this was it for today and I will hope that you will like the information shaired by me.
 Thank you.

Friends I am thinking to upload a post on every Sunday which will not relate to bike and cars but that post will be only for entertainment and information purpose only.