Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mahindra marazzo

Hi friends my name is Yogesh and today we will talk about the recently launched SUV / MUV segment car Mahindra marazzo but before that I want to tell you some of it's facts starting from it's name it's name is marazzo which translates to shark and it's design also resembles the shark for example- It's front grill between the headlight looks same as the sharks teeth. It's back lights are in the shape of shark fins and over all we can see that this car in looks resembles the shark. The whole look of the car is new but I can see that it looks little bit identical to mahindra xylo. It has very different interior or we can say that it has very new interior from any other mahindra car. It has the perfect mixture of shiny black, mat black and cream color. It has the all new information panel with easy to reed dials and 4.2 inch digital display. Enfortment is handled by a new 7 inch touch screen with usual standards of connectivity. 

Now let's talk about it's specs-
Engine- 1497cc                 cylinder- 4                   max power- 119.3 bhp @3,500 rpm
max torque- 300 nm @1,750 - 2,500 rpm             Transmission - Manual
Fuel supply - CRDi                      Gears- 6           Drive type - FWD               Fuel capicity- 45 litres
mileage - 17.3 km per liter    Stearing type - power       windows - power ( rear and front both)
Brakes - DISC ( ABS, EBD)     center locking          Speed sensing door locks 
chinld safety locks          power door locks

It has 1499 cc 4 cylinder diesel engine which produces the max power of 119.3 bhp @3,500 rpm and
the max torque of 300 nm @ 1,750 -2,500 rpm. Total 7 peoples can sit but in higher variant 8 people
Mahindra marazzo,new launched cars,best muv
Mahindra marazzo
can sit. It is only available in manual trans mission. It has 4 valves per cylinder, fuel supply is CRDi. It has 6 speed gear box, Drive type is FWD and it also comes with turbo charger. It's fuel capacity is 45 litres, fuel type supported is diesel only and it's claimed mileage is of 17.3 km per litre. It comes with double wishbone as front suspension and rear twist beam as rear suspension. It has anti lock braking system ( ABS ) , power windows for front and rear both. It has air bags for driver as well as for passenger. Stearing type is Power stearing. It's stearing column is tilt and telescopic, Stearing gear type is Rack and pinion, turning radius is 5.25 meters. Front and rear both the tyres have disc brakes. It's weight is 1650 kg. It comes with tubeless and radial tyres, wheel base is 16 inch.
It comes with very power full ac for front as well as for rear passengers. It comes with anti lock braking system (ABS), EBD , center locking, speed sensing auto door locks, power door locks, and child safety locks.

Mahindra marazzo,best and cheapest muv in india
Mahindra marazzo

 Now let's talk about it's price-
 Marazzo M2  7 STR - 9.99 lakh rupees
      M2  8str- 10.40 lakh rupees     
 M4  7STR - 10.95 lakh
M4  8STR - 11 lakh   
   M6  7STR - 12.4 lakh   
 M6  8STR - 12.45 lakh 
M8  7STR - 13.9 lakh.
Prices may vary in different places.
So these were the specs and their price. Now let's talk something else about this car there is one very good thing about this car that we have seen various SUV / MUV having side facing seats in the last raw for the passengers but the marazzo have normal seats no side facing seats is there. So it is a good thing for me and for many others. Mahindra has build a new 1.5 l diesel engine specially for this car no copy paste is done from any other car. Styling of this car is done by mahindras Indian version and the U.S. arm so that they can make a sucessful global product. The best thing about this car is it's vertical  AC for passengers. Every other SUV / MUV has a horizontal rear AC but this MUV have vertical AC to provide every passenger the cool and fresh air .
Mahindra marazzo,best mileage muv in india
Mahindra marazzo

So friend that was it for today and I hope that you will like the information what I shaired. I will post it's comparison with other muv's. So for that please be in touch thank you.

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