Monday, September 3, 2018

Honda amaze vs Maruti suzuki dzire

Hi friends my name is Yogesh and Today we will compare two of the best sub 4 metre sedans which are Honda amaze and Maruti suzuki dzire. When amaze was launched people were complaining about it's problems. So Honda has launched Amaze in new avatar in 2018. So many peoples will have questions in their mind that what are the changes made by Honda in new amaze. So to find out those changes we will compare it with the four wheeler industry champion Maruti suzuki dzire. So with out wasting any time let's start the comparison-

Honda amaze vs Maruti suzuki dzire, best sedan
Honda amaze vs Maruti suzuki dzire
1.Honda Amaze- We will talk about it's base model first.It's base model is in petrol variant which get's 1199 cc 4 cylinder engine which delivers the max power of 88.76 bhp @6,000 rpm and max torque of 110 NM @4,800 rpm. It comes with 5 speed manual transmission with FWD Drive. It's weight is 905 kg and can reach 0 to 100 in 13 seconds and has a top speed of 170 km per hour.It can give the mileage of almost 20 km per liter.It comes with mac pheron strut front suspension and torsion beam as rear suspension. It has front disc brakes with rear drum brakes. It's wheel size is 14 inch with minimum turning radius of 4.7 meters. It comes with power stearing and tubeless, radial tyres. It's fuel tank capacity is of 35 liters and boot space is of 420 liters. Total 5 people can sit in the car but I can say that only 4 peoples can sit comfortably. Ground clearance of this car is 170 mm. It comes with power stearing, power windows, 2 air bags but center locking is available in all the models except base model.It's E diesel variant comes with every thing in base model and also with some extra features such as center locking, max torque of 200 NM @ 1,750 rpm and max power of 98.6 bhp @3,600 rpm, Its vx diesel model comes with some more extra features such as center locking, front fog lamps with same power and same torque as the E diesel variant.It comes with cruise control and a more top speed of 160 km per hour. It also comes with adjustable driver seat, alloy wheels. Amaze's petrol variant comes with 1.2 liter engine and it's diesel variant comes with 1.5 liter engine.Price of this car starts from 6 lakh rupees and goes up to 9.11 lakhs. Note prices may vary in different places.

Honda amaze vs Maruti suzuki dzire, best sedan2. Maruti suzuki dzire- Starting from it's base model too it comes with 1197cc 4 cylinder engine which gives the max power of 82 bhp @ 6,000 rpm and the max torque of 113 NM @ 4,200 rpm. It gives the mileage of 22 km per liter and comes with 5 speed manual transmission. It has the top speed of 165 km per hour. Wheel size of it is 14 inch with the turning radius of 4.8 meters. Total 5 people can sit in it comfortably. Total fuel capacity is of 37 liters it has power windows in all it's models.
It has mac pherson as front suspension and torsion beam as it's rear suspension. It has disc brakes in it's front tyres and drum brakes in it's rear tyres. Tyres are tubeless, radial. Price of this car starts from 5.90 lakh  to 9.39 lakhs but the prices may vary in different places.

Till now I have shown you all the specs of both cars. From specs we can see that there is very less difference in both of them. The main difference is of high power and torque in diesel variants of amaze and interior. Maruti suzuki dzire has an single rear ac vent but amaze does not have. Now looks I know that every one has their different thinking on looks but according to me dzire looks more cool than the amaze from out side as well as from inside because both have same color combination inside but color patern in the dzire looks more descent with wooden finish. While driving dzire it feels calm, smooth but on the other side while drive amaze it was feeling more power full engine which is ready to race. I have to say that honda has worked really hard on this car because it feels much more smoother on roads and it's engine noise is almost negligible as compared to the older version.
Guys I am confused to pick a winner. So I am putting this decision on you.