Thursday, August 23, 2018

Octane booster (NOS)

Hi guys my name is Yogesh and today we will talk about octane booster.

Now a day's octane booster (NOS) are really in demand in India because of movies . In which we see that the Actor driving a super car presses a button of the car and car seems to fly on road and the word written on the button is NOS. So guys NOS is called octane booster. So guys if you are planning to buy an octane booster so first read this post. SO let's get started-

Octane booster,best octane booster
Octane booster (NOS)
Every time it is not possible to get pure petrol for our bike from the fuel station form any place. Now a day's we have very less fuel stations who provide pure petrol other wise all the fuel station do some mixing in their fuel.Due to that mixing a layer of carbon starts depositing in our fuel tank or in our bike's engine. So the Octane booster removes those carbon deposits from the fuel tank or from the engine through silencer or waste pipe and it can make your bike little bit superior but it can not do magic for your bike because I have used this product on my pulsar and royal enefield and I was able to see some minor changes in the engine of my bike such as I can feel much smoother engine than before and the top speed of my bike increased by 3 km per hour but honestly guys it didn't worked on my royal enefield except the smoothness of it's engine. So the very next day I rushed to the very well known mechanics and I talked with them related to octane boosters . They told me an interesting thing that we should not use that product in carburated bikes and this product shows very minor changes in less cc engines such as 200, 250cc. It can show good performance in higher cc bikes more than 300 cc. but If you want to use this liquid then pour a full cap in five liters of petrol and one more thing you should not use this product in scooters or scootees.
Octane booster (NOS),best octane booster
Octane booster (NOS)

Now I will tel you some of the best octane boosters you can find online easily but in less price .

Guys I am not providing you any link because I am only telling you which octane booster is good for you bike .
1. STP octane booster- RS 350 for 200 ml from amazon
2. Gumout actane booster - RS 350 for almost 300 ml from amazon
3.NOS octane booster -RS 1000 for 350 ml from amazon

NOTE- This product can't do any miracle for your bike. It only depends on you that how much you take care of your bike.