Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bolero vs Thar 2018

Hi guys my name is Yogesh and today we will compare two mahindra cars and you know both of the cars because of the heading. these cars are made for different purposes. For example- Bolero is made for villages which is suitable for a big family and Thar is made for off roading and is suitable for hilly areas.

So let's start comparison without wasting any time - 

Bolero vs Thar 2018,feature of bolero
Bolero vs Thar 2018
Firstly we will talk about price and what features they offer in that price- The price of Mahindra Thar's top model which is 4 by 4 CRDE is rupees 10 lakh 80 thousand. and the price of bolero power+ is 9 lakh 70 thousand rupees which is 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees lesser than Thar the power+ variant is of 1.5 l engine and the price of mahindra bolero zlx which has 2.5L engine is 10 lakh 50 thousand rupees which is 30 thousand rupees lesser than that of Thar. Bolero is cheaper but it offers more features than Thar such as center locking by remote, power windows, stereo, Fm, USB, CD player, four speakers. which are not available in Thar's any model. Bolero offers AC in all it's variants but Thar offers AC only in it's top model but bolero's AC is more power full than the Thar's AC because the Thar doesn't has the hard top.

Now we will talk about performance - As bolero is available in two engine options 1.5 L and 2.5 L. but Mahindra has named it's 1.5L variant the power + because it gives 71 horses power and one with 2.5 L engine produces 63 horses power and on the other hand Thar CRDE gives 107 horses power which makes it super smooth in hilly area roads. which clears out that bolero can't compete with Thar in power.

Bolero vs Thar 2018,mahindra thar
Bolero vs Thar 2018
Now we will talk about comfort - Guys Thar and comfort are two different words. I mean to say Thar can't match with bolero in comfort. In Thar the driver and the co-driver can be comfortable but the people on the back seat can not be comfortable because firstly those seats are side facing nad doesn't have enough leg room and if you are driving the Thar on very bad roads then you can hurt your back because of it's hard suspension.
But on the other hand if you drive bolero on the same road you will feel that bolero sucks the bumps of the road but the the last seats of bolero are also side facing and they also doesn't have enough leg room and head room this means that 5 people on bolero can travel very comfortably.

Result- Basically the result depends on you but I can clear some points as if you want a car to drive on hilly areas then you should go for Thar.
And if you want a car to drive in village areas in daily basis or for touring purposes then you should definitely go for bolero because it is much more comfortable than the Thar because of ti's soft suspensions and it has lesser body role than Thar and if you want more features in less money then you should go for Mahindra bolero.