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Toyota Yaris - 2018 specs,price and review

Toyota Yaris - If you want to know about "toyota yaris" 2018 variant then you are on the right place. In this post you will get to know about "toyota yaris price" and at last I will give you a quick "toyota yaris review" and it's pros and cons.

                             Toyota Yaris

Toyota yaris - It is available in petrol variant only but with both manual and automatic gear box.In this we will talk about Yaris J which is the base model with the manual gear box. So let's start. It has 1.5 L duel VVT-i type engine which has 1496 cc engine which produces the max power of 105.5 bhp @6,000 rpm and the max torque of 140 nm @4,200 rpm. It has 4 cylinders, transmission is manual with 6 speed gear box, drive type is FWD. It has the fuel capacity of 42 liters and can give the mileage of 17 km per liter. It has mc pherson strut with stabilizers as front suspension and torsion beam with stabilizer as rear suspension. It has disc brakes in front tyres and drum brakes in rear tyres. Steering type is power with the minimum turning radius of 5.1 meter, tyres size is 180/60 R15, the wheel size is R15 and the tyres are tubeless and radial. It has 4 doors and the total seating capacity of 5. It has the boot space of 476 litres. It's kerb weight is of 1090 kg. For safety and security it has ISOFIX child safety mounts, day and night rear view mirror air bags for driver and passenger both, It has also has knee airbags. This car comes with ABS and EBD with brake assist, It has engine Immobilizer, center locking and child safety locks. So these were it's specs.

                               Toyota yaris price

It has total 8 variants so price for Yaris J - 9.29 lakh,  Yris Jcvt - 9.99 lakh,  Yaris G - 10.56 lakh, Yaris V - 11.70 lakh,   Yaris Gcvt - 11.76 lakh,   Yaris VX - 12.85 lakh,   Yaris Vcvt - 12.90 lakh, Yaris VXcvt - 14.07 lakh.

                               Toyota yaris review

So let's start with the engine refinement levels. So this car is from toyota and for engine refinement levels we can not doubt on on toyota every car from toyota has the next level engine refinement levels. So engine refinement level is good in this car also and you can enjoy your drive if you are soft on the exceleration or in my language you can enjoy your ride if you are softly but continuously pressing the gas I mean to say do not go harder on the gas instantly other wise your car will start vibrating and will make the noise as hell. Now we come on AC I can say that it has the most power full as in this segment thanks for roof mounted AC vents for the rear passengers. For me I can say that the drive is not engaging enough because I like that car or bikes which are more punchier on throttle but for few the drive can be engaging also but I can say that it is the best car for long drives. Now let's talk about seating position. Seating position is normal for front seats but for the rear seats they are more relaxing because they have cut down some space that's why they had tilted the rear seats slightly back word which makes the rear seats more relaxing. Now let's talk about the storage space. It has total 476 L boot space but you can extend the boot space by folding the rear seats.
So at last I can say that this car would be good enough for long drives. So if you are planning to it you can buy it but first take it's test drive so that you can decide that that it is for you or not. For ex. It is not suitable for me but it is suitable for my father and my brother because I like punchier car's and bikes' but they like continuous acceleration. Thank you guys for reading this and if you want to subscribe my website then you can.
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