Saturday, August 25, 2018

Best engine oil for bikes

Hi guys my name is Yogesh,today we will talk about engine oils. Let's get started-

As we all know that the main work of engine oil is to lubricate engine parts, protecting it against the dirt and to absorb the excess heat of engine. So it becomes very necessary to put a good engine oil in your bike according to different temperature condition. For example - I live in Punjab. so here during summer it is very hot so in summer I use 10W40 engine oil in which W stand for winter and 10 stands for engine oil temperature when the bike is not in use. This means that the bike will not heat up easily in summers. but in winter it is very cold so at this time I use 20W40 grade oil because this engine oil is good for winters when temperature is very low and with the help of this oil we don't need to warm our bike for much time.
Best engine oil for bikes,motul 3100
Best engine oil for bikes

Now a day's engine oils have magic in them that according to the temperature conditions they automatically maintain their viscosity.

Now one question arises that what is viscosity?
Simply it's answer is - It's tendency to flow properly.

One thing I want to tell that which ever companies bike do you have they provide a guide in which they have shown which grade oil is best for your bike and after how many km we have to change the oil. you should add the same grade oil but you can change the company. because they know what is best for their bikes and they are the manufacturers of their bike and if they do not provide you the knowledge of their bike then it can show bad results in the sales value.
Now guys I will tell you some of the best engine oil of different companies and for different bikes because there are various companies which claim their engine oil to be the best but I will tell you those engine oils which I have used which can help you to choose one for your bike-
Best engine oil for bikes,shell advance ax7
Best engine oil for bikes

1. Shell advance AX7 - It is the semi synthetic oil available in 10W40 grade this particular oil is one of the best synthetic oil available in the market. You can use this oil if your bike usage is medium. You have to change this oil after every 3,000 km.
2. Motul 3100- This oil is available in 20W50 grade which makes it the best oil for bajaj pulsars yamaha fz and this oil is good for heavy usage of bikes.
3. Motul 5100- Available in 15W50 grade which is good for medium to hevy usage . You can use this oil in tvs appache , bajaj pulsar.

Best engine oil for bikes,shell advance ultra
Best engine oil for bikes
4. Shell advance ultra - Now guys this is one of my favourite engine oil because after 3000 + km the performace of the bike remains the same . This oil is used for heavy usage.